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Emergency Planning

Background & History

FEMA: Protective Actions for School Children

Pre-School Emergency Planning at Three Mile Island: Chronology of Legal History

Plans for a quick exit: Evacuation plans near nuclear power plants have been revisited since last year’s terrorist attacks,09-10-2002

Federal mandate sought for preschool evacuation plans, 08-28-2003

Pennsylvania Emergency Management's response to Larry Christian, 07-30-2004

Recommended PA Title 55 Improvements, 05-26-2004

Federal Allegations

Response 1 to NRC, 12-29-2004

Allegation Rejection (NSIR-2005-A-0011), 04-03-2006

Petitioner's Response (NSIR-2005-A-0011), 04-11-2006

Withdrawal of Approval, 06-21-2006

Initial Petition

Submittal of Petition for Rulemaking - To Include All Nursery Schools and Daycare Centers in the Federally Required Radiological Emergency Readiness Plans, 09-04-2002

Petition Filed By TMI-Alert to Improve Emergency Planning: Group Seeks to Include Day-Care Centers and Nursery Schools, 09-05-2002

Mr. Lawrence T. Christian, et al.; Denial of Petition for Rulemaking, 12-19-2005

Response to NRC/EFMR Survery

Response 1 to NRC, 12-29-2004

Emergency Preparedness Survey Of Childcare Facilities Located Near Three Mile Island Nuclear Facility


Differing Professional Opinion (Michael Jamgochian)

Submittal of Petition for Rulemaking - Codify GM EV-2 Into the NRC's Emergency Planning Regulations, 10-19-2005

Denial of Petition for Rulemaking, 10-2005

Update on Staff Actions and Requests for Commission Approval For Related Staff Actions, 05-04-2006

Host School Petition

Submittal of Petition for Rulemaking to Extend the Minimum Distance from Five to Ten Miles for Host School Pick-Up Points Beyond the Plume Exposure Boundary Lines, 04-11-2007

Denial of Petition, 01-23-2009

TMIA Bid to Move Evac Centers Fails, 02-11-2009

10 CFR 2.206

Petition Pursuant to 10 CFR 2.206 - Non Compliance of Emergency Preparedness Planning, 11-18-2005

Transcript: Petition Review Board Conference Call, 12-21-2005

Eric Epstein 2.206 Petition Response Letter, 3-10-2006

Senate Bill 922 (partial victory)

Senate Bill No. 922, 3-16-2004

Rendell on Senate Bill 922, 07-12-2004

Emergency Planning Relicensing Petition

Petition for Rulemaking Requiring Periodic Comprehensive NRC Review of Emergency Planning Around U.S. Nuclear Power Plants During the License Renewal Process, 09-12-2007

Denial of Petition for Rulemaking, 07-25-2008

Epstein v. U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission On Petition for Review of Order by the US NRC, 9-22-2008


Evacuation Plan Map

Overlay of West Shore School District Designated Host School Relocation Centers on TMI's 10 Mile Emergency Planning Zone

Epilogue: NRC has second Thoughts

Revision of NUREG-0654, Supplement 3, "Criteria for Protective Action Recommendations For Severe Accidents, 04-18-2008

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